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Venezuelan-Costa Rican Author

Rafael Alejandro Camero Del Vecchio

Doctor by profession specializing in Pediatrics, Master in Clinical Immunology and specialist in Pharmaceutical Marketing. His experience in the field of health sciences is 12 years of clinical work and research and 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry.

Venezuelan by birth began his career in Venezuela and then moved to Costa Rica more than 10 years ago, a country that has welcomed him and his wife and where he has raised a family.

Assiduous reader, lover of books, history and faithful believer in the values that represent the virtues that a gentleman should observe.


"What is wrong is wrong, even if everyone does it. What is right is right, even if no one does it."

Saint Pius X


A Knight in Disgrace

“Humble origin, gallant heart. The adventures of the noble knight who forged his destiny "

Synopsis.  A fortuitous encounter makes the life of Rodrigo del Campo, an eight-year-old boy, radically change. Adopted by Duke Bartolomé de Torres, he begins a new existence that will allow him to train and, after a while, become a knight. His wedding with Leonor, daughter of the nobleman, seems to close the circle of his happiness, but chance again intervenes to change his luck: Rodrigo loses everything, even the dignity of a knight, and has to face a long journey to atone for his faults and seek justice against those who have made him miserable. In the years that will intervene until he returns to his family, he will discover the importance of values such as forgiveness, justice, honesty or equality.


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