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About Arandú  School

We make the difference

Arandú  is a private, bilingual educational institution that wishes to make a difference in the lives of its students, through lasting learning, which will form them as people who stand out at all levels: social, moral, professional, spiritual. We provide an enriching environment that allows us to transform our students into global citizens, committed to their communities and their world. ¨ARANDÚ¨, is a term in the Guaraní indigenous language that means wisdom and knowledge and is represented by the symbol of the tree. Our methodology is based on three pillars:

Pillars of Arandú

We believe in these pillars to create our school because we consider that the comprehensive education of children goes beyond the acquisition of academic knowledge.



Señora contando cuentos

Academic Excellence


Relationship with God

estilo grafico de arandu


To train, through their own methodology, people capable of conquering the world; with a high educational level, happy, responsible, safe, sensitive and with a genuine relationship with God. Supported by a highly trained and motivated professional team, which has the best didactic, technological and infrastructure tools.


To be the best educational institution in the region, recognized for training people with the knowledge and values necessary to achieve their dreams.

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