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Embutidos Hispania is a company of the Nuñez Monagas Family (Parents of Zoe Catalina Nuñez Monagas) which is dedicated to the production of typical Spanish recipe sausages with Costa Rican pork. What sets us apart is that they are made with the best quality of national pork cuts and 100% Spanish spices, offering products of international quality, but with the freshness of being made in this country.


Our products are divided into two categories, fresh and cured.


  • The fresh ones are those that must be cooked before consuming, either on the grill or in the kitchen. They are: Longaniza, Longaniza Pepper, Longaniza Mini Pepper, Spanish Chorizo, Chistorra and Mini Spicy Chistorra,


  • Cured are those that, due to the duration of drying (typical Spanish-style maturation process), become ready-to-eat products, as in the mouth, alone or with a good cheese. The cured ones are Mini Fuet, Mini Cantimpalo, Mini Spicy Cantimpalo, Mini Longaniza de Aragón.


Where to find our products?


To cook at home:

  • AutoMarket

  • The Place of Meat

  • Express Meat

  • Directly with us


In restaurants:

  • House Spain

  • The Cupboard

  • A for Tapas

  • The Moon of Valencia

  • Cholo 1

  • Cholo 2

  • The Red Gate

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